Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So, this is the one thing that upsets me about all of this stuff today.

Would we have ever seen a tweet from the creative team going:

"OK, I get that some people like to fantasise about Sherlock and Molly as a couple but no one seriously thinks it will actually happen, do they?!"

I somehow don’t think we would. Despite the big Sherlolly fandom, despite Sherlock being “asexual”, despite him shooting Molly down throughout the entire series (it’s as much of an on-going joke as the “not gay” scenarios).

And why would we never see a comment like this? I think we all know why.

Why, when we can read into just as much potential subtext for Sherlock and Molly becoming a couple as we could for Sherlock and John, would this never come up?

Why should one (exceptionally large) section of a fandom be made to feel ashamed, stupid, and devalued for wanting a relationship in the show just because it consists of two men instead of a man and a woman?

"But Sherlock and John isn’t canon!” cry back many. Well of course it isn’t. And I’m not going to argue about why Johnlock should ever be canon. I’m not saying it should; although if there were ever a place to explore a homosexual relationship between the two of them it would be within a modernised version, would it not?

My point is that Sherlock and Molly has never been canon - Molly didn’t exist until Sherlock was created. Sherlolly fans are just as passionate as Johnlock fans; the cast and crew are aware of them, and they have always been spoken about with respect in the past (by cast members such as Louise). And why shouldn’t they be? Fandom is a wonderful thing, without the fans fuelling support on for the show the creators would have nothing. Fans should be allowed to like whatever they want and to wish for whatever they want within their favourite show without being made to feel in the wrong for it. So, why are Sherlolly fans treated sane and respectable for reading in on subtext within the show to support their ship just in the same way as Johnlock fans do?

I think we all know why. And that’s a very disheartening realisation.


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